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Pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 679/2016, concerning the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of Personal Data (hereinafter "GDPR")
According to art. 38b of Code of Obligations and Federal Law on data protection (LDP)

With reference to the European Union regulation 679/2016, hereinafter "GDPR", especially to art. 13, we hereby supply you all due information concerning the processing of your personal data.

What data do we process? (art. 13, 1 paragraph, letter a, art. 15, letter b, GDPR)
Sintetica SA, which is based in Switzerland, Via Penate 5 – 6850 Mendrisio, is the controller of your data, such as:
1. Data entered by filling out the registration form (name, surname, tax code, birth city and date, address and email address, telephone and mobile number, data regarding your career path or those information you disclosed in your resume as well as regarding your health condition;
2. Data concerning the navigation on our website, ex. traffic related data, location, website visits, weblog, IP address, the operating system and the browser used, cookies;
3. Data you supply us via email, survey as well as via our contact modules.

Why do we need your data? (art. 13, 1 paragraph, letter c, d, e, f, GDPR)
We use your data to accomplish your placement and manage working relationship as well as legal obligation, included the GDPR.
Your data are specifically processed for:
1. The activities concerning the intermediation between labour supply and demand, the search and selection of personnel, outplacement as well as training.
The legal basis of such activities is the accomplishment of pre-contractual and contractual requirements in which you take part as well as the compliance with the law.

2. The activities aimed to optimize the services outlined at point 1), which are delivered both online and offline by the controller .
The legal basis of such activities is the accomplishment of pre-contractual and contractual requirements in which you take part as well as the controller’s legitimate interest.

3. The activities with commercial purposes, the sending of information, newsletters, surveys as well as of messages from the customer service.
The legal basis of such activities is your consent to the processing of your data, which you are allowed to revoke at any time.

4. The sharing of your data with our clients who are in search of personnel as well as with those public and private subjects by which the controller was charged of one of the activities mentioned at point 1). In addition to that, your data are transmitted to the organizations and private individuals supporting the controller with the delivery of services, such as network services, software, advertising, etc.).
At last your data can be transmitted through the controller’s website or some other staffing services only with the purpose of accomplishing the service related contractual requirements at any time.
The legal basis of such activities is the accomplishment of pre-contractual and contractual requirements related to the service as well as the existence of specific legal obligations.

What happens if you do not supply us your data? (art. 13, 2 paragraph, letter e, GDPR)
The collection and processing of your personal data is necessary to accomplish any staffing service as well as legal obligation, included the GDPR.
If you don’t provide data signed as necessary, the controller wouldn’t be able to manage the contract
How long are your data stored? (art. 13, 2 paragraph, letter a, GDPR)
Your personal data will be stored so long as it takes to accomplish the tasks related to the contract management as well as any resulting legal obligation. The data stored on the processor’s website will be deleted after 36 months inactivity. 6 months before the expiration date you will receive an email notification.
For more information, see the paragraph “Which cookies we use”

How do we process your personal data? (art. 13, 2 paragraph, letter f, GDPR)
The processing of your personal data is performed or digitally or on paper by some people who are internally authorized and trained for that. The processing of those data does not include the automated decision-making but involves the profiling for the activities related to the navigation on the website through technical tools such as cookies.
Personal data will not be communicated or shared with other parties for illicit purposes and, in any case, without providing a transparent information pursuant to Articles 13 and 14 GDPR and obtaining the consent, if required by law. This shall be without prejudice to any data communication at the request of the judicial authority or public security, in the cases and under the conditions established by law.
Your personal data will not be transferred abroad, to third Countries or to International Organisations in absence of an adequacy decision by the Commission, recognized on Article 45 GDPR. If necessary for the purposes of processing, your personal data may be transferred to a third Country or an International Organisation where the Commission has decided that the third Country or the International Organisation in question ensures an adequate level of protection. In the absence of a decision of adequacy, your personal data may be transferred to a third Country or an International Organisation only if the Controller has provided appropriate safeguards, and on condition that enforceable data subject rights and effective legal remedies for data subjects are available ex Article 46 GDPR. In the absence of an adequacy decision pursuant to Article 45(3), or of appropriate safeguards pursuant to Article 46, including binding corporate rules, the transfer or of your personal data to a third Country or an International Organisation shall take place only on one of the conditions of article 49 GDPR.

What are your rights? (art. 13, 1 paragraph, letter b, 2 paragraph, letter b, GDPR)
At any time you can request the controller for free and without any further formality being required:
- The confirmation of the processing of your personal data;
- The access to your personal data and disclosure of their source (if they were not transmitted by you), of the purposes for the processing, of information on the individuals/organizations those data are transmitted to, the retention period and the criteria to define it;
- The possibility to update and rectify your data in order to guarantee their accuracy;
- The possibility to delete, to the extent permitted, your personal data as well as to limit the processing of them;
- Any request for exercising your rights under Articles 15 to 22 GDPR.
Any request is processed not later than a month after the reception of it, without prejudice to the possibility to extend that deadline by two months, if necessary, considering the complexity and amount of requests received by the controller.
Personal data collected through the website are processed by ARCA 24, based in Novazzano, via Roncaglia 5, as Data Processor, in accordance with art. 28 GDPR.
Please contact the controller on for more information as well as to request the list of the data processors.

To whom can you make a compliant? (art. 13, 2 paragraph, letter d, GDPR)
If you live in Italy you can make a compliant to theItalian data protection authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali) , or to another Member State’s supervisory authority, whose competence is established by law concerning your specific situation.

Which cookies we use?
Technical cookies that don’t require your consent and third party or profiling cookies that require your consent.
We use the following technical cookies or cookies comparable to technical ones that don’t require your consent:
a. Cookies strictly necessary for the functioning of the website and service supply;
b. Cookies relating to saving chosen settings activity and optimization.
All technical cookies don’t require consent, so they are automatically placed when you visit the website.
All the other cookies (no technical cookies) are placed or enabledonly if user gives consent when he visits the website for first time. Consent can be generally given by interacting with the information banner on the website, following the related instructions (by clicking on OK button or X button; or continuing navigation, also by scrolling or linking). Otherwise, consent can be given or denied selectively, according to the following instructions. This consent remains valid for any further visit. However, user can totally or partially revoke his consent at any time.
a. Third Party Cookies: third partycookies are placed by y this website. You can find below some information and a link privacy policy andconsent form for each third party. You can give your consent for all of them even by continuing navigation or closing this window/box.
b. Targeting Cookies: They are used to collect information for purposes of advertising based on your preferences expressed during online activity (OBA).
Please find below a list of third partiycookies used:
▪ Google Analytics
▪ Google Plus
▪ Faceebok
▪ Indeed
▪ Monster
▪ CareerJet
▪ Xing
▪ Linkedin

You can find below the links to the instructions provided by the main browser to manage the settings on cookies installation:
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